A Brief History of Time: A Book Review

Stephen Hawking is the author of the book “A Brief History of time”. He is one of the greatest minds of our time. The book is a guided tour into the world of physics. The beauty of the book is that, though physics has evolved to such an extent that even physicists cannot completely grasp the concepts of physics, this book explains these highly complex principles in a simple manner. Stephen Hawking’s work mostly concerns the black holes and hence the book covers that part in more detail.

The book generally gives an overview of physics. Some concepts like that of string theory have not been explained in a much deeper sense. For any person who wants to know about string theory and the micro-world of physics, it is better to refer books by Brain Greene. The relativistic view of the world is explained very clearly in the book. The book starts of with physics in the time of newton and then moves to the present understanding of the universe. If you are looking for proper scientific answers on how the universe began and how it will end, this is the book you need to read. It solves most of the problems faced by man in understanding the world around us, both in the micro and the macro realms. The book also talks about time travel. The present picture of the universe when viewed through a physicist’s eyes is made clear to the reader. The book ends with the author talking about the most important physicists of all time, namely Newton, Einstein and Galileo.

The book is written for a normal person who is not adept in physics. However, some portions might require multiple reads, especially if you are new to physics. Students of physics may also read this book since it would be a recap on the concepts that may generally be missed out. But it is worth a read especially if you are new to physics, since it will let you think of the universe in ways, you possibly have not thought of. The book is a new york times best seller. If you want the answers to the questions like; how did the universe begin?, does time always go forward?, is the universe bounded?, how many dimensions are there in space?, how will the universe end?; it is a must read for you. The book also tells you how lucky you are. How does physics tell you that? Read the book and find out for yourself.